50 years in the past, scientists dug up the previous lives of Pangea

Earlier than Pangea — What? Scientific informationSeptember 30, 1972

The continents as we all know them resulted from the breakup of the protocontinent Pangea and its fragments which made the lengthy, sluggish journey to their present positions. The method took about 200 million years. However the earth’s crust is about 4.5 billion years previous.… [Scientists are exploring] the puzzling drawback of what occurred for billions of years earlier than Pangea collapsed.


The continents have a recurring relationship that has existed since lengthy earlier than Pangea, fossil and rock proof. Most scientists agree that the primary recognized supercontinent, referred to as Nuna, fashioned round 1.5 billion years in the past. He separated and reunited whereas the supercontinent Rodinia about 1 billion years in the past. A 3rd supercontinent referred to as Pannotia could have fashioned round 600 million years in the past close to the South Pole, however its existence is mentioned. As we speak, scientists predict how continents will merge sooner or later. A supercontinent nicknamed Amasia may kind In 250 million years, because the continents drift towards the North Pole (SN: 01/21/17, p. 18).

Erin I. Garcia de Jesus is an editor at Scientific information. She holds a doctorate. in Microbiology from the College of Washington and a Masters in Science Communication from the College of California, Santa Cruz.