An Efficient Altruism Mutual Fund?

A number of days in the past I argued that AGI believers ought to be “unstable lengthy” in asset markets. Whether or not or not you agree with that precise prescription, why is not there an EA mutual fund, reflecting EA’s views of the world, no matter that could be? Possibly the fund would deal with stable state ships as an alternative, both manner, they may combination the discussions from all these EA boards to make one of the best selections.

Presumably EAers are morally obligated to create such a fund? (I am not saying this sarcastically, possibly that will be a very good thought.) EA supporters might then spend money on the fund and over time would have extra sources to spend money on different causes. The fund might additionally replicate their ethical priorities, akin to not investing in manufacturing facility farms (I do not assume any actual internet lack of diversification energy could be concerned in such a call.)

Alternatively, you would say that EA solely has ethical perception, and no predictive superiority over what is going to occur at bigger ranges. It is also a believable view, particularly amongst non-EAers.

But it surely appears to me that one in every of them ought to be true, both that there ought to be an EA mutual fund or that EA solely has ethical perception, not predictive perception. Who will or not it’s?