When two galaxies collide, they typically cease creating new stars

When two galaxies collide, it creates a burst of vitality that kills star formation – a course of that surprisingly does not match what we see in simulations of galactic collisions.


September 29, 2022

Galaxies merging

Newly merged galaxies could cease forming stars

European Area Company/Hubble &; Nasa

When galaxies collide, new stars typically cease forming. This impact has been predicted by simulations for over a decade, however observational proof is sparse and more moderen theoretical work has known as it into query. Now researchers have demonstrated that newly merged galaxies are more likely than peaceable ones to cease star formation.

Sara Ellison on the College of Victoria in Canada and his colleagues collected a pattern of 508 galaxies that had skilled mergers over the previous billion years…

Article modified on September 30, 2022

We corrected how merged galaxies have been extra possible than remoted galaxies to have undergone a interval of speedy star formation, adopted by a near-total shutdown.